As decided at the General Assembly in Quebec City on 7 August 2004, the Association will issue a newsletter two times a year, to be called the "Marcousin". It is expected it will appear in the fall and in the spring. A first number will be issued in about October, so the CUT-OFF date for contributions is the end of September. Please send in whatever you think might be of interest to other Marcoux, to The lay-out editor is France Marcoux; an editor is needed and assistance of various kinds (translations, proofreading, lay-out assistance, graphic arts assistance, etc.). All material will be bilingual although longer articles may appear only in French or English with an executive summary in the other language.

Tentatively, the following sections have been identified for the newsletter:

  • Table of Contents
  • News from the Administrative Council
  • Information on AFMA: addresses, how to join, etc.
  • Recent Milestones (Births, Marriages, and Deaths)
  • Welcome to New Members
  • Press Review
  • News from the Web Site
  • News from the Database eMarcouxNet
  • Letters to the Editor/Short Contributions
  • Contributed Articles
  • Help wanted
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