Privacy Policy

The Marcoux Family Association respects your privacy.

All Visitors to the Web Site

The Marcoux Family Association collects statistical information on visits to specific pages and the frequency of these visits. This information is analysed to help us develop content that responds to the interests of our site visitors. We also note the type and version of browsers that are used, to ensure that our site is technically accessible.

The Marcoux Family Association invites you to contact us through several e-mail links throughout this site. If you identify yourself in these electronic communications, we will never reproduce your words without your prior permission.

Members of the Association

Personal information you provide on a voluntary basis to the Marcoux Family Association as a member is stored securely. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, genealogical information provided by you may be included in the Association's genealogical database, freely available for consultation on the Internet. This database does not include any addresses, email addresses, or information of a personal or confidential nature. Consult the database's web site for more complete information on its privacy policy.

The association does not disclose, give or sell any personal information about members to any third party. We may, with your explicit permission, elect to use certain information you provide in the following ways:

  • to contact you periodically by email or post (provided you have elected to receive these types of communication) to provide information relevant to membership in the Association
  • to publish a paper-based member directory (available only to members in good standing)
  • to publish an electronic member directory (on a secure, password-protected area of the Web site available only to members in good standing)

The Marcoux Family Association reserves the right to conduct occasional post-audit reviews of members who access restricted areas of the Web site. These reviews will serve to confirm members are complying with protocols outlined in the Membership Agreement and to ensure only authorised individuals are accessing secure information.

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