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2008 - Marcoux Family Reunion

In collaboration with the Société d'Art et d'Histoire de Beauport (SAHB), the Association of Marcoux Families of the Americas (AFMA) is organizing the largest ever reunion of all Marcoux. The majority of activities will take place at the Municipal Centre Mgr Laval, situated next to the historic Nativité Church in the historic heart of Beauport, in an area that includes the Maison Marcoux.

Although we are still working on the programme, it will include presentations, workshops, expositions, guided visits of Beauport, a major speaker, a banquet and cocktails, a mass honouring of the Marcoux ancestors, a souvenir album, and an honourable chairman of significance for the Marcoux family.

Raymond Giroux and his organizing committee is working hard to be able to organize the Reunion at a reasonable cost for all members in good standing and for friends and family members.

Please put the dates of 22-24 August 2008 in your calendar and plan to join us, and take advantage of the festivities of the 400th Anniversary of the founding of New France. All Marcoux of Canada and the United States are urged to put this in your travel plans and we will see you there!

Watch this space for more information as it becomes available. Please contact us if you would like to assist with this event.

2007 - 3rd Annual Assembly

The Third General Assembly of the Association of Marcoux Families of the Americas was held on 15 September 2007 at Ste-Marie de Beauce. It was presided over by Mrs. Lina Marcoux-Chopin, AFMA's President, supported by Mr. Raymond Giroux, Vice-President acting as Secretary of the Assembly. A remarkable 60 or so persons participated, of which a third were members in good standing.

In the elections of the Administrative Council, the following were elected in unanimity: Mrs. Lina Marcoux-Chopin, President, Mr. Raymond Giroux, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Douglas J. Graham, Administrator and Database Manager and Newsletter Editor, Mrs. Pierette Marcoux, Administrator, and Mrs. Marlène Marcoux-Rousseau, Administrator. Mr. Cal Marcoux continues as Webmaster of AFMA's internet site (

2007 Marcoux Family Reunion

The first Marcoux family reunion organized by AFMA took place on 15 September 2007 under the direction of Robert Marcoux and his organizing committee. Most of the activities took place at the Motel La Difféence in Ste-Marie de Beauce.

The morning was dedicated to allowing visitors from outside Ste-Marie to discover some of the rich heritage of this historic town of the Beacue Region. A number of presentations took place in the afternoon.

All in all, the Reunion was a great success, graced by the participation of more than 80 persons. They principally came from the Beauce, but some were also from the areas of Quebec City, Montréal, Ottawa, and even four persons from Toronto. All were enthusiastic about the idea of the ambitious 2008 Family Reunion planned for Beauport 22-24 August 2008. In the course of the day, no less than 19 new members joined the membership rolls. Bravo and merci to Robert Marcoux and his committee!

June 2005 - 2nd Annual Assembly

The inaugural General Assembly was held in Québec City on 7 August 2004. All current and potential members are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Assembly, which will be held on 15 July 2005, 7:00 p.m, at PatroLaval, 145 rue Bigaouette, Québec City.

The agenda and other information will be posted prior to the meeting on the Association's web site but we expect it to include the election of some members of a new Administrative Council, reports on activities from Council members (including a report from the Treasurer), and a discussion on future plans for AFMA.

Please note that in accordance with the Association's By-Laws, Council positions are held for two years (three years for President); the initial positions of President and Treasurer are however deemed to have ended after the first year so as to ensure that thereafter, about half of the Administrators are up for replacement each year. Assuming no resignations of the three other Council members, there are therefore at least two open positions this year.

As the positions of President and Vice-President were never formally filled, only the Secretary's position is not up for re-election this year. As the AFMA bank account is located in Québec City, we are particularly in need of a Treasurer from that area.

The Association needs active Council members and you are encouraged to let the Secretary know (write to of your interest in being nominated for a position. The Council tends to operate "virtually" so geographical location is not a constraint. Of course it is not necessary to be on the Council to help with or be in charge of the newsletter, assemblies, activities...

September 2004 - Inaugural General Assembly

The Inaugural General Assembly of AFMA took place in Quebec City on 7 August 2004. Accompanied by numerous written-in indications of support and interest from those who could not attend, a small group met to formally launch the Association of Marcoux Familes of North America. The following were the key outcomes of the Assembly:

  • The Draft Regulations were reviewed, modified slightly (changes to the membership costs), and adopted in unanimity as the official by-laws of the Association. They can be found on the Association's web site (currently only available in French, they will be eventually translated into English).
  • The Regulations required the abolition of the Provisional Council and the election of 5 members to an Administrative Council. Chosen in unanimity, the members of the Administrative Council (in alphabetical order) are the following: Lina Marcoux Chopin, Douglas J. Graham, Cal Marcoux, France Marcoux, and the Rev. Joseph-Marie Marcoux. The position of Secretary will be taken by Douglas J. Graham and the position of Treasurer by France Marcoux. In the absence of a strong interest in the position of President, it was decided that the positions of President and Vice-President would be shared jointly by the members of the Administrative Council. As required by the Regulations, the Administrative Council positions chosen at the first General Assembly are for a duration of two years with the exception of Treasurer and President who are elected for only one year. All Administrative Council members are subsequently eligible for reelection.
  • It was agreed to associate AFMA with the Fédération des familles souches québécoises (FFSQ), which provides numerous advantages such as the use of their address to receive correspondence.
  • Those present paid their subscriptions to head the list of founding members of AFMA.
  • It was agreed to issue a newsletter twice a year, named "Marcousin". The first number will appear in the fall; the cut-off date for contributions will be the end of September.
  • It was noted that it would be of great interest next summer to organize an AFMA kiosk for the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France (these genealogical kiosks organized by the FFSQ attract a great number of visitors and potential members). It was also noted that 2005 is the 350th anniversary of the presence of the Marcoux Family in North America, Pierre Marcoux being noted for the first time in the 1655 Beauport census. This could be an interesting theme to develop for the kiosk and for AFMA's activities in 2005.
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Marcoux Family Reunion 2008 - August 22-24 2008, in the historic heart of Beauport. Don't miss this important gathering. More...

New Members are always welcome. If you are interested in learning more about membership in the Association, we encourage you to contact us. More...

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