Declutter to Destress When Moving Home, Advises Dave Jackson

Moving house can be incredibly stressful, and is often compared to losing a job or being faced with bereavement in the tension stakes. The more stuff you have, the more troublesome it can be. However, there are steps that you can take to minimise the stress. Dave Jackson had to relocate at short notice when a job offer he couldn’t refuse was put on the table. We spoke to him about how he managed to relocate without the fuss.

"I didn’t particularly want to move but as I had mouths to feed I didn’t really have a choice. All the openings in my area of expertise were down here so I had to accept the offer. As soon as I accepted the offer, I got the wheels in motion straight away. Luckily we were renting so we didn’t have to wait around for an offer to come in and we were on a rolling contract too. I knew that leaving everything until the last minute would be stressful so I sold any furniture I didn’t think we would need on an online auction site, which helped us to raise money too. I got rid of things like old toys and equipment that we no longer had any use for and only kept anything of real value".

"Paperwork is one of my main bugbears, but rather than bury my head in the sand, I decided that we should tackle it all head on. All the important documents were put in the same folder and I got rid of 328 CDs as I don’t play them anymore. Moving house is an excellent opportunity to minimise and ask yourself whether you really need half of the things you keep carting round from property-to-property every few years."

Dave Jackson HBOS loan allowed him to move quickly without having to save up to relocate. He decided to start packing as soon as the decision to move was made. "Getting the tough jobs out of the way first is essential. The longer unpleasant tasks hang over you, the more daunting they seem. I’m now earning the salary I’ve wanted to earn for years and have a nicer home than ever before." Dave has worked in corporate jet services and for local authorities before but he is now employed as an events manager. His brother Andrew Jackson HBOS loan enabled him to relocate for a new position too.

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