Moving to Hull Was Incredible Decision says Former London man Tony Shakesby from Hull Bookkeeping Online Society (HBOS)

Relocating can be stressful, especially if you're moving from somewhere that you've lived in and loved all of your life. However, moving onto new pastures can be ideal if you're looking for a fresh start and are keen to put the past behind you. Hull man Tony Shakesby moved to the region in 2011 after spending three decades of his life in London and claims that the move was the best decision he has ever made. We met up with Tony to find out more.

"You'd expect people to be excited about moving TO London as opposed to away from it, but I couldn't wait to leave once I'd made my decision. London has become far too expensive but the value for money you get up here is exceptional. I could buy a street here for the price I'd pay for a 3-bedroom house in some parts of London. The people here are much friendlier and I've made a great deal of new connections. I've been home a few times in the last three years but that's only confirmed my decisions that I should have left a number of years ago. We're settled here and now that we've got a baby on the way I can't see us moving again."

Relocation comes with many pros and cons and moving to a new town or city can be big gamble. Even if you have visited a place on many occasions and liked it, the reality of living there can be very different. Accountant Tony – of Hull Bookkeeping Online Society – advises those contemplating a move to do their research before they do up sticks. “You need to know what the schools are like and what the crime figures are like, what the cost of living is and what the nearby towns and cities are like. Fortunately for us, the more we heard about Hull, the more we loved."

Tony Shakesby HBOS member says he still sees his extended family as much as he did before and that they seem impressed with the city too. “I could give you 328 reasons why London's not the place that it was. I don't understand how anyone can afford to live there".

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